How can Dr Steve help employers?

An employee comes to you with a work stress issue. But where does it come from? Dr Steve's job is to diagnose and apportion the true cause of the stress. Is what your employee is dealing with truly work stress? How severe is the stress? Is it so severe that it is causing a mental illness?

He looks carefully through all of the employee’s possible stress sources, including all work and non-work issues, and identifies the root of the stress.

If a component of the stress is work related, employers are legally required to deal with it. It is the employer’s imperative to eliminate, isolate or minimise that work hazard – stress is classified as a work hazard under the Heath and Safety Employment Act. If the stress is not work related, you are no longer legally responsible for it, and the risk of facing Labour Department prosecutions and downstream losses are markedly minimised. Dr Steve will lead you through this process and help you determine exactly what your responsibilities are under the law.

How can Dr Steve help employees?

Dr Steve will help you gain your life balance back by working with you to identify the true source of your stress. He will help you make the changes you need to make to minimise and hopefully eliminate the stress in your life.