Dr Steve's job is to deal with problems that effect a person’s ability to work. These problems come in all forms: absenteeism, work stress and mental health issues, illness and injury, drug and alcohol abuse, and excessive sick leave.

He empowers both employers and employees to seek appropriate treatment and come to clarity about their situation. In addition his work in these specific areas, Dr Steve can also help you interpret confusing medical certificates, to help you make the best decision about employee health.

Many of these issues overlap. For example, if your employee is frequently absent from work, it may be because he or she has drug or alcohol problems, which may in turn be caused by home or work stress.Take a look through Dr Steve's guide to all of the specialties listed above, and think about which apply to your workplace.

Dr Steve's role is that of an advisor: he does'’t treat patients, but instead helps them build relationships with their GP's and specialists, and advise them on the best course of action to take to become well again and to get back to work.