Thus far, none of Dr Steve's reports or opinions have ever been overturned or challenged. That is because he adheres to a very carefully constructed reporting style designed to minimise argument.

The medical reports meticulously follow the New Zealand Medical Council’s Guidelines to ensure procedural and legal challenge is avoided. See “Non Treating Doctors Performing Medical Assessment for Third Parties”

In a Medical Report, Dr Steve must clearly set out all the documents, letters, e-mails, communications and sources used in forming the report. He then itemises and examines all the medical and relevant occupational and non-medical evidence, and then comes to his opinions and findings.

Such findings provide advice on medical matters, health and safety issues, ability and suitability for ongoing employment, ongoing suggestions for management of these issues, and prognosis.

Dr Steve makes sure that the report is carefully argued and worded, so that if it was in dispute in an adversarial situation by another doctor, or employment lawyer they would be able to clearly follow the clinical reasoning and methodology under-pinning the opinion.
He also issues his preliminary opinion and shares it with the employees own general practitioner or specialist to enable them to comment on, amend, or add to the final opinion – thus ensuring a shared agreement on the medical matters.

It takes a considerable length of time to tabulate, create, edit and cross check such a painstaking opinion but as well as preventing argument, it also enables the employer or employee to confidently make important health and employment decisions.