How can Dr Steve help employers?

You’re given a medical certificate by an employee – but what does it mean? Dr Steve helps employers to interpret and understand medical certificates, question their implications and, get secondary information if necessary.

Employers are often left with a very broad medical certificate that doesn’t relate to the employee’s job. The certificate may be totally unexplainable. Perhaps, the employee doesn’t understand the disease their employee is suffering from at all, and what it will prevent them from doing.

Dr Steve helps employers write a letter back to the employee’s GP. He suggests ways of asking the correct questions to determine exactly what aspects of the job the employee can and cannot do.

You don’t necessarily have to accept a medical certificate if you believe it is wrong. Dr Steve gives employers the courage to say: ‘it doesn’t make sense’.

How can Dr Steve help employees?

Often an employee wants to go back to work, but their doctor won’t allow her to. Dr Steve help you determine which parts of your job could be modified, and works with you to persuade your employer and doctor to allow you back to work.