How can Dr Steve help employers?

Dealing with illness and injury at work is complicated from health and legal points of view. Dr Steve defines the cause of the illness or injury, which aspect of the employee’s work may be causing it and what needs correction. He helps you meet all of your medico legal requirements under the Health and Safety in Employment Act.

Often, employers don’t have any easy ways of getting accurate information about their employee’s health or injury from his or her doctor. That’s where Dr Steve's role is very effective. With the patient’s consent, he can ask the correct questions that allow the employer to find out exactly the causes of the illness or injury, and when the employee can be reasonably expected to return to work.

Often, the doctor prescribing sick leave doesn’t understand the true nature of the patient’s job. Perhaps a patient cannot do a particular task, but that task comprises only a fraction of their job. Dr Steve suggest temporary job changes and restricted work duties, so that employees come back to work much earlier.

How can Dr Steve help employees?

Many employees want to get back to work, but their employer is afraid that if they return to work they could get sick or collapse, or could injure another employee. Dr Steve helps your employer to understand how your injury or illness can be managed at work without you causing harm to yourself or others.

If you can do your work adequately and accurately, there’s no reason why you should be prevented from working.