Assessment Process

In order to meet the complex medico-legal requirements of the Privacy, Human Rights, and Occupational Health and Safety Acts, Dr Steve adheres to a very strict assessment process. In order to protect all parties involved, he requires employers, employees and any third parties to agree to the following conditions:

  1. Letter of Referral
    The employer must provide a letter or referral containing all relevant background information. This should include the questions to be answered in the report, and should be suitable to be shown to the patient in its entirety. Dr Steve suggests that the employer and/or employee bring any other relevant documents, including task descriptions and other medical reports. All sources will be listed in Dr Steve’s final report, in accordance with the guidelines of the Medical Council of New Zealand for “Non Treating Doctors Providing Medical Assessments for Third Parties”.
  2. A Signed Consent to Releasing Medical Information
    The employer must provide a consent form signed by the patient agreeing to release information to a specified and named employer representative. The information will only be released upon receipt of this form. The form should be dated and remain current for between six to twelve months. Dr Steve will still see the patient without the consent form, but will not release any patient information to the employer. The employee must sign the report prior to the consultation in order that she has a fair opportunity to discuss the case with her employer. Dr Steve will not accept consent given under any form of duress during his medical assessment.
  3. Information on Assessment to be given to the Employee
    Dr Steve will provide a document explaining how the procedure works and giving the employee access to the Medical Council’s medico-legal guidelines. The employer should pass this document onto the employee.
  4. Support Person if Wished
    The employee may bring a support person to the consultation or assessment, including a union representative, as long as the employee consents to that person being present.
  5. Appointment time
    The minimum appointment time is 60 minutes. Occasionally 75 minutes may be needed.
  6. Documentation Sent to Dr Culpan Prior to the Appointment Time
    Dr Steve prefers that all relevant letters and documents be faxed or emailed to him prior to the assessment. If this is not possible, they may be delivered to him by the patient at the time of assessment. Click here for contact details.
  7. Employee’s Right to Receive Report
    The employee is entitled to receive a copy of all written reports prepared by Dr Steve. This should be given to her by the employer (see Medical Council Guidelines).
  8. Employee’s Right to Challenge or Change Report
    The employee is entitled to request a correction of facts in Dr Steve’s report, in accordance with the Privacy Act. However the employee is not entitles to a correction of facts in the written medical opinion. The patient is welcome to challenge the medical opinion, and if she wishes, may obtain a further medical opinion of her own.
  9. Follow up Consultation and Reports
    All requests for further information following the initial consultation should be made in writing and signed, In order to ensure that all releases of information are covered by the patient’s consent,
  10. Employer to Accept Payment Responsibility.
    By referring employees to Dr Steve, the employer accepts responsibility for payment of all associated fees. The employer should include the name to which accounts should be sent and the names of staff members able to authorise payment for services rendered.