Ageing Workforce

What do you do when an employee becomes too old to do her job? As your employees age, they may become less and less able to perform necessary tasks, either due to illness or to age-related changes. This may put the safety of your workplace at risk, or simply have a negative impact on the efficiency of your operations.

As our working population continues to age, it is becoming increasingly important for employers to formulate a careful, structured way of dealing with this issue.

How can Dr Steve help employers?

Dr Steve's job is to accurately measure the cause of a lowering of performance in your staff member. His assessment asks:

Dr Steve works together with all parties to resolve the issue and get that person back to work safely and happily.

Sometimes, however, a person's condition means they are unable to do their job, and the only solution is termination of employment. Dr Steve helps you manage this process in a structured and fair way, taking adequate time to work through all the issues. That means that if you do come to the decision to terminate employment, your decision will be fair to all concerned.

How can Dr Steve help employees?

As an employee, you may not be aware of age-related changes to your health, or you may have underestimated their effects. Dr Steve helps you identify those changes and get the right treatment for them, whether that be, for example, cataract surgery, getting hearing aids, getting an illness appropriately treated, or looking at changes in your workplace or in the machinery you use. Together, we make simple changes so you can improve your work performance and usefully extend the length of your working life.

Positive health changes will also help you with your life outside work - if you can see better, hear better and do things better naturally other aspects of your life will become more enjoyable too.

Most importantly, Dr Steve makes sure you don't get unfairly dismissed without an opportunity to have the causes of the changes in your performance investigated and rectified.