What happens when your employee doesn’t come to work for weeks at a time? The most important thing to do is to address the issue early on. If the absenteeism is related to a drug and alcohol problem, the issue may be significantly more serious than you had initially imagined. Start asking serious questions before it becomes too late.

Why is absenteeism an issue?

How can Dr Steve help employers?

Dr Steve finds out what the cause of absenteeism is. He recommends appropriate programmes, and then facilitates follow up with the employee’s general practitioner to improve treatment.

If it’s a genuine illness that is being inadequately treated, he will help your employee get the proper treatment.

If the absenteeism is due to a mental illness that is unrecognised and thus has been left untreated, he will help your employee find treatment and find an employment assistance programme.

If it’s due to a genuine work conflict that hasn’t been recognised, like harassment or bullying, he will be there to hear the employee’s problems, and will bring back the case to the organisation for investigation.

Sometimes absenteeism is not legitimate. When this is discovered to be the case, the employer can proceed to termination of employment without any danger of personal grievance, because we have eliminated health related reasons for the on-going absences.

How can Dr Steve help employees?

Most importantly, Dr Steve will help you to help yourself, so that you don’t have to be absent anymore and can get on with your life.


How can Dr Steve help employers?

Drug and alcohol abuse are often closely related to absenteeism. When an employee is performing poorly and is frequently absent, it’s likely that person has a drug or alcohol problem.

What he does:

How can Dr Steve help employees?

Dr Steve gives employees access to the help they need. I help employee and employer to come to a combined strategy where the employee’s employment may be partially protected, in return for compliance with the treatment programme.

Dr SteveI makes sure there’s an open flow of information between all parties, including the employee’s drug and alcohol case manager or counsellor, so that we can deal with any setbacks together.

Dr Steve brings the problem out into the open, and help you commit to a course of treatment. I work with your employer to give you a second chance.